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Effective immediately, satellite communications devices that have the capability for two-way texting may now communicate directly with the Park County Sheriff’s 911 Communications Center by sending a text message to

This dedicated email address will sound an alarm notifying on duty communications personnel that an emergency message has been received. Dispatchers can then communicate directly with the device where ever it is located. They can ask questions regarding the emergency and update you as to the emergency response being coordinated through the Park County Search and Rescue as they mobilize the resources necessary for the situation.

Commercial devices such as the most recent upgrade to SPOT® or the Garmin inReach® device currently have the capability to press one button for “SOS” or emergency assistance. This will send an alert to the device’s third party emergency monitoring center which will then relay the request for assistance to the closest 911 center.

However, these devices also have the capability for two-way texting. And by using the sheriff’s email address, you can connect directly to your emergency responders without going through the “middle man” communications monitoring center. This enhances any and all response to your emergency situation by allowing our first responders to ask questions, clarifying the situation, the location and any injuries.

Sheriff Scott Steward commented that in emergency situations, speed and clarity are the key to a successful outcome. “The texting capability should never be used in place of the ‘SOS’ button on your device. But by contacting our dispatch center directly via text message after pressing the ‘SOS’, you can enhance our response. We can know who is involved, the nature of the emergency, and the precise location, allowing us to get there as quickly as possible with the proper resources to resolve the situation.”

If you wish to use this service, simply add our email address, to the contacts list on your device. There are no charges over your normal subscription rates. Be sure your device settings include location information, owners name, GPS coordinates and a way to respond.



This past summer, Sheriff Scott Steward announced the appointment of Deputy Clayton Creel to the department’s patrol division.  Deputy Creel was reassigned from the Park County Detention Facility and began his new duties on August 1st patrolling out of the Cody District.

“Patrol deputies are primarily responsible for providing public safety by maintaining order,… responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations,” said Sheriff Steward.  “I have the utmost confidence that Deputy Creel will serve the citizens of Park County in the manner to which they have come to expect; with pride, compassion, and professionalism.”

Deputy Creel was born in Georgia but grew up in Wapiti where his family moved when he was 3 years old. He was employed as a detention deputy with the Park County Sheriff’s Office in September of 2015.  He has attended Northwest College in Powell where he studied law enforcement.  Deputy Creel currently resides in Cody and is engaged to be married.