Join the Park County Sheriff’s Office

Park County is situated in northwest Wyoming on the eastern edge of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountain ranges.  It includes the northern half of Yellowstone National Park (more than 53% of the total park area) as well as a significant portion of the Shoshone National Forest, making it a mecca for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Park County has a total area of 6,967 square miles.  By comparison, the county is larger than the entire state of Hawaii (6,459 square miles) and slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey (7,740 square miles).  As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 28,205 people residing in the county, which equates to a population density of 4.1 people per square mile.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office has a total staff of 57 sworn and non-sworn personnel encompassing the patrol, detention and communications divisions.  The staff includes 18 patrol deputies, 25 detention deputies, 7 communications officers, and 7 administrative personnel.  The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the 621 miles of recorded roads within Park County as well as the untold number of private roads and drives, some of which are only accessible through the use of 4-wheel drive vehicles.  Sheriff’s deputies respond to calls for service, provide visible patrols throughout the rural areas of the county, conduct proactive patrol and enforcement, conduct and administer civil paper services, provide community safety and education to the public. This division utilizes a strategic plan to ensure consistent growth allowing deputies to adhere to the department’s values and mission statement.

The Detention Center is a 106 bed, short-term, detention facility designed to hold both male and female detainees.  The facility holds both sentenced and un-sentenced (pre-trial) individuals for the Cities of Cody and Powell Municipal Courts as well as the Park County Circuit and District Courts.  The lengths of stays are determined greatly upon the inmate and their attorney.  Detainees who are sentenced to serve time by the courts can have sentences imposed that could range from one day, up to one year.  The mission of the Park County Detention Center is the safe and secure confinement and management of persons who have been placed into our custody and to serve the citizens of Park County to the best of their ability utilizing every resource made available.

The Park County Emergency 9-1-1 Communication Center answers all calls for service coming into the 24-hour operation.  The center not only dispatches for the sheriff’s office, but also for the City of Cody Police Department, four fire departments and 1 ambulance service with 2 first responder units as well as the Park County Search and Rescue Unit.  The center also maintains contact with and provides emergency calls for service to the various utility companies, road and bridge services and other state and federal law enforcement agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service and Wyoming Highway Patrol.

If you would like to join our team or for more information, contact the Park County Sheriff’s Office at 307-527-8710 or click on the links below for printable application forms, wages & benefits, and other related information.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office accepts employment applications on a continual basis.  These applications are held on file for a period of one year and then destroyed.  After that time, interested persons would need to re-apply.   As employment positions become available, those persons with applications on-file are notified and asked to participate in further testing processes required to fill these positions.