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The Park County Detention Center is a 106 bed, short term, detention facility designed to hold both female and male adults as well as female and male juveniles. We are a County facility operated under the authority of the Sheriff, as directed by Wyoming State Statutes. We are not a State facility or a Federal facility.

We hold both sentenced and un-sentenced (pre-trial) individuals. Persons who are pre-trial and unable to post bond will have varying lengths of stays determined greatly upon the inmate and their attorney. Persons who are sentenced to serve time by the Courts can have sentences imposed that could range from one day, up to one year.

The Park County Detention Center holds inmate for Cody and Powell Municipal Courts, Park County Circuit Court, and the Park County District Court. All inmates being held in the Park County Detention Center have charges that originated in Park County; we currently do not hold any inmates from outside the County.

The Park County Detention Center staff consists of, one Administrator, one Administrative Assistant, four Sworn Detention Sergeants, twenty-one Sworn Detention Deputies, two full time cooks, and two part time cooks. We are a twenty-four hour, seven day a week operation, tasked with the safe keeping of those placed in our custody. This is not a task that we take lightly, and strive to perform this task with empathy, and consistency. Our average population ranges in the fifties and sixties, with the highest population to date of eighty-nine.

We understand that some that read this web page may have, or had, family and friends detained within the Park County Detention Center. We also understand that many who read this web page may have many questions regarding the operation of the Park County Detention Center and the treatment of their family or friends. We strive to treat each person detained equally and consistently. We are unable to make special considerations or exceptions for individuals, as this becomes burdensome on the staff, due to more and more inmates wanting special considerations. Due to the numbers of inmates and staff we endeavor to follow a set procedural manual for all interactions with inmates. We also require inmates to follow an established set of rules and regulations. We have included on this page a link to the Park County Detention Centers Inmate Rules and Regulations.

Mission Statement of the Park County Detention Center

The mission of the Park County Detention Center is the safe and secure confinement and management of persons who have been placed into our custody. To serve the citizens of Park County to the best of our ability utilizing every resource made available to us.

The Park County Detention Center will work in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, the courts, and the criminal justice system to ensure an individual is present for court appearances and to ensure the completion of court imposed sentences.

The Park County Detention Center will confine persons in a responsible and humane manner that maintains self-dignity. The Park County Detention Center will strive to ensure that individuals leave the facility in no worse condition, physically or psychologically,
than when they entered.

With the belief that change is always possible, the Park County Detention Center will make available opportunities for inmates to become involved in community-based programs which strive to promote change, self esteem and a positive approach to a law-abiding lifestyle.

The Park County Detention Center will provide a safe and positive work environment for staff. It will operate in accordance with the statutes of the State of Wyoming and the Constitution of the United States of America.

A Policy and Procedure manual will be maintained to establish facility guidelines for the safety of staff and inmates. To insure that the operation of the Park County Detention Center does not violate an individual’s Constitutional Rights and remains current with
State Statutes and Regulations.

The Park County Detention Center Inmate Rules and Regulations are available online by clicking on the following link.   CLICK HERE

Contact the Detention center at one of the following numbers:

Visitation or Finger Printing – 527-8750
Inmate Status or Bond – 527-8761
Administration – 527-8714