Park County consists of 621 miles of road; 279 miles are paved and 190 miles are gravel and 144 miles are unimproved. There are also many miles of private roads and drives which are not included in the Park County Road System. These private roads are sometimes only accessable with the use of a four wheel drive vehicle which can make emergency response exceedingly challenging.

Covering over 6,942 square miles of Park County, the Patrol Division is staffed with three districts, Powell, Cody and Meeteetse. The Patrol Division consists of 13 Deputies. Various rotational shifts exist within the division in an effort to provide staffing and coverage for the entire county. By rotating shifts, the Sheriff’s Office is able to provide coverage that best utilizes the fiscal monies of the citizens of Park County.

Currently two Deputies are assigned to the Meeteetse District and also provide Town Law Enforcement Services contracted by the Town of Meeteetse. Meeteetse Deputies also provide US Forest Service Patrols in their districts. The Meeteetse District includes 99 miles or 16% of the total roads we patrol in the county. They are responsible for Meeteetse local/rural, Woodriver Road, Pitchfork Road, Meeteetse Creek and Lower Greybull River Road. We also routinely dispatch them to the Cody and Powell Districts to cover the other districts and to allocate resources within the most responsible means possible.

The Cody District is staffed by six Deputies one of which is Patrol Sgt. Chad McKinney, and they also assist in US Forest Service Patrols in the North and South Fork areas. The Cody district includes 254 miles or 41% of the total roads we patrol in the county. They are responsible for patrol in Cody local/rural, Southfork, Northfork, Sunlight/Crandall, Sage Creek and Oregon Basin areas primarily.

The Powell District is staffed by five Deputies, one of which is the Patrol Sgt. Mark Hartman. These deputies also assist in US Forest Service patrols in Crandall area. The Powell District includes 267 miles or 43% of the total roads we patrol in the county.  They are responsible for Powell local/rural, Willwood, Ralston, Ralston Bench, Clark,  Frannie and Elk Basin areas.

Deputies duties are to respond to calls for service, provide visible patrols throughout the rural areas of the county, conduct proactive patrol and enforcement techniques, conduct and administer civil papers work services, provide community safety and education of the public. Deputies enjoy the freedom of patrol and serving others throughout the county and the interaction with the community they protect in a personal way. The Patrol Division utilizes a strategic plan to ensure consistent growth and to allow us to adhere to our values and mission statement. If you would like to know more about what activities the deputies are doing from month to month, please visit the news page where we will post a link for current patrol statistics for the previous months.