Sheriff Scott A. Steward

In October 2005, Scott Steward took over as the Sheriff of Park County.  He served under the appointment of the Park County Commissioners to fill the remainder of the term of the previous Sheriff who resigned his term early.  He then ran successfully for the office of Sheriff where he continues to serve the citizens of Park County.  Sheriff Steward, a 20+ year veteran of the sheriff’s office, has worked his way up through the ranks, beginning his career in dispatch in 1991, as a detention officer in the jail and a patrol officer, making lieutenant in 2001.  In 2003, Steward became the Under Sheriff.  Born and raised in Park County, Sheriff Steward is continuing a long line of family members dedicated to providing quality service to the people of Park County.  Sheriff Steward makes his home in the Cody area, and he understands the different needs of diverse communities in the county.

Under Sheriff Thomas Ehlers Jr. 

Undersheriff Ehlers began his law enforcement career in 1979 by enlisting as a military policeman in the Nebraska Army National Guard, serving through 1986.  In 1981, he became a police officer with the Lincoln Nebraska Police Department where he served as a patrol officer with time spent as a field training officer and narcotics investigator until leaving and moving to Cody in 1992.  While serving with the Lincoln Police Department, he graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice in 1985.  After moving to Cody, he worked seasonally for the United States Forest Service as a compliance officer until in 1993 when he was hired by the Park County Sheriff’s Office as a detention deputy. In 1994 he was transferred to the patrol division where, in 2003 he was promoted to patrol sergeant and in 2005 to Undersheriff.

Lieutenant Mark Hartman, Patrol Commander

Lieutenant Mark Hartman is charged with overseeing the Patrol Division of the Park County Sheriff’s Office. The Patrol Division is staffed with 2 sergeants, 15 deputies. Originally from Findlay, Ohio, Lt. Harman and his family moved to Powell in 1993. He began his career with the Park County Sheriff’s Office in February of that year as a patrol deputy. He was promoted to sergeant in charge of the Powell Patrol Division in March of 2012. Lt. Hartman has an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement from Owens Technical College in Toledo, Ohio.

Lieutenant Joe Torczon, Detention Administrator

Lieutenant Torczon is charged with overseeing the106-bed Park County Detention Center which is a short term, detention facility designed to hold both adults and juveniles.  It is a twenty-four hour, seven day a week operation, tasked with the safe keeping of those placed in its custody.  The detention facility is staffed with 4 sergeants, 22 deputies and five civilian staff.  Lt. Torczon was appointed Detention Administrator in June of 2016.  He joined the Park County Sheriff’s Office in 2005 as a detention deputy, eventually attaining the rank of sergeant in 2007.  In 2011, he was transferred to the patrol division and then in 2013, appointed the department’s lone detective prior to leading the detention center.

Communications Supervisor Monte McClain

Monte began his law enforcement career with the Park County Sheriff’s Office in August of 2000 when he was employed as a Detention Deputy.  In January of 2001 he was transferred to the Communications division where he assisted with the installation and training for the new Computerized Records software.  In January of 2008, he was appointed to the position of Communications Supervisor where he currently coordinates the Law Enforcement Communications technologies such as 911 databases, mapping, Computer Aided Dispatch and Reporting Software (CAD) and Cellular 911 upgrades for emergency services.  He holds an associates degree in Communications and has  30 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services. He also provides education and presentations to local organizations on how emergency services respond in times of need.



11-01 Sheriff Scott Steward
11-02 Undersheriff Thomas Ehlers Jr.
11-03 Deputy Allen Cooper (Powell District)
11-04 Deputy
Ethan Robinson (Cody District)
11-05 Deputy Andrew Palmer (Cody District)
11-06 Deputy Neal Corr (Powell District)
11-07 Deputy Lisa Cooke (Meeteetse District)
11-08 Deputy Phil Johnson (Cody District)
11-09 Sgt. Andy Varian (Cody District)
11-10 Deputy Chris Ivanoff (Powell District)
11-12 Deputy Brett Tillery (Cody District)
11-13 Deputy Rob Cooke (Meeteetse District)
11-14 Deputy Ryan Lawler (Powell District)
11-15 Deputy Tyler Patterson (Cody District)
11-16 Lieutenant Mark Hartman (Powell District)
11-17 Deputy Clay Creel (Cody District)
11-19 Deputy Jed Ehlers (Investigator)
11-20 Sgt. Dan Walker (Powell District)
11-21 Deputy Tom Toohey (Cody District)


11-32 Charla Torczon (Executive Assistant)


11-18 Lieutenant Joe Torczon
J-1  Deputy Karla Turner
J-2  Deputy Tanner Wichern
J-3  Sergeant Michael Warner
J-4  Sergeant Virgil Capellen
J-5  Deputy Denise Kolacny
J-6  Deputy Christopher Hall
J-7  Deputy Dan Ramey
J-8  Deputy Alex Offley
J-10 Deputy Nikos Chavez
J-11 Deputy Kris Hutchinson
J-12 Deputy Terry Fish
J-13 Deputy David Yarian
J-14 Sergeant Joseph Colegrove
J-15 Deputy Royal Duneman
J-16 Sergeant Jona Harris
J-17 Deputy Carter Dunnam
J-18 Deputy Dave Nyreen
J-19 Deputy Sophia Macik
J-20 Deputy Cathy Thomas
J-21 Deputy Mark Longo
J-22 Deputy Tyler Morean
J-23 Deputy James Kinkade
J-24 Deputy Corey Zubik
J-26 Deputy Chris Williams


11-41 Karin Zeller – Administrative Assistant
Kim Dooper – Kitchen Manager
Mandy Linebaugh – Cook
Doreen Christensen – Cook
Jill Shramek- Cook


11-38  Monte McClain (Communications Supervisor III)
11-33  Joy Schmidtberger (Communications Officer II)
11-34  Jessie Colegrove (Communications Officer III/TAC)
11-35  Steven Long (Communications Officer II)
11-36  Taleah Brewer (Communications Officer II)
11-37  Michelle Horn (Communications Officer II)
11-42  Tyler Wallace (Communications Officer II)
11-43  Joe Commins (Communications Officer II)